Friday, May 18, 2012

Information on Ultrasonic Cleanings

UltraSonic Cleaning


“Why musicians should have their instruments cleaned professionally”

UltraSonic Cleaning Technology and unique chemistry equal a modern environmentally safe approach that not just rinses the instruments but thoroughly removes the calcium buildup in a horn. This is truly a dream come true for the repair technicians.

More and more band directors are beginning to understand the need for annual professional band instrument cleaning. Do you use the same knife, fork and spoon day after day with out cleaning it? Consider this analogy….. Not thoroughly cleaning your instrument inside and out professionally at least once a year amounts to using unwashed eating utensils over and over.

Every horn player and band director knows that the calcium / organic materials build up inside a horn. This is contamination to the metal and in time causes the metal to oxidize and metal failure occurs.

The difference between a medium-large bore and a large bore trumpet is only .003". Many trumpets have over twice this thickness of debris coating the interior surfaces. In addition to making the horn feel tighter this material can interfere with valve and slide action. An UltraSonic cleaning removes deposits of old oil and grease, corrosion, and plaque deposits from the interior of your instrument. After a thorough scrubbing out, the instrument is re-assembled, replacing all the corks, felts, and bumpers and replacing springs as needed. At the same time the technician makes a thorough examination of your instrument and can find and correct small problems before they become major ones. Instruments should be professionally cleaned yearly.

Although periodic cleaning or flushing of your instrument at home has it’s benefits, the Ultrasonic cleaning process can effectively remove all the internal and external contamination much more thoroughly than you can at home.

Professional musicians can surely tell when the horn does not have the desired tone. They have trained to listen for the proper tone when playing. Some say, the rich sound of the horn is lost when contamination builds up in the instrument. The smooth slide valve action is compromised in some severe cases. Both rotary and piston valves that stick can be quickly and easily cleaned effectively when our trained professional band instrument technicians use the Ultrasonic cleaning system that is designed specifically for musical instrument cleaning and restoring.

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